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Hi, I’m Shannon Handa. I’m here to guide you to become an Amplified Version of You.  

This a powerful story I'd like to share with you:

Cecilia’s wheels were always turning, leaving her feeling tired but wired. She began to feel completely exhausted to her core and on a soul level. The kind of exhaustion that just sleeping couldn’t cure. Everything felt like a physical and mental battle with the amount of fatigue that she was experiencing. But even if she paused for a second, she felt lazy and would immediately fall into a guilt trip. 

Soon she started to struggle in connecting to her passion and drive. Life began to feel lackluster, like she was barely going through the motions. She even started to dread doing her favorite things. Things that used to bring her joy, now started to feel like chores.

She couldn’t focus and would spend days lost in a brain fog. She would find herself working all the time, but not really being productive. Then she would feel stressed about how much she had to do. She couldn’t even take a full, deep breath in.

Then things started to take an even bigger turn for the worse.

Cecilia started feeling incredibly overwhelmed and started breaking down. She was having panic attacks and heightened anxiety. She dealt with constant dread going to work and was just dragging herself to get there. 

Always on the verge of tears, Cecilia felt like she couldn’t contain her emotions. She was irritable towards her boyfriend, who was only trying his best to support her through her distress. She could see that her relationship was suffering. She didn’t have the energy to engage with him as her vibrant, cheerful and playful self anymore. Cecilia knew she wasn’t showing up for her loved ones in the way that she wanted, her patience was short with everyone. She had headaches, low physical and mental energy, and increasing digestive issues.

Cecilia felt weighted down, like if even one more small thing got piled on her, she would shatter. She felt depleted and hopeless. Cecilia knew something was deeply off, that things couldn’t continue in this direction, and that something needed to change now. 

The thing is, Cecilia is an intelligent, ambitious, and skilled marketing manager. She was amazing at her job, always got her clients the results they wanted, and was passionate about her work. But she was a perfectionist to her own detriment. Cecilia always felt that she had to do more and be more to prove her worth. She had to prove that she deserved her job and that the company had made a good decision in hiring her. She believed that the only way to get ahead was by working herself to the bone. She didn’t see any other options available to her. She thought she was just doing what was expected of her. 

In her mind, she was always failing to meet this unrealistic idea of perfection that she had set for herself. Once one thing was checked off the list, it was onto the next thing, without a pause or breath to acknowledge a job well done. There was no skipping a beat. The goal was constantly out of reach, because nothing ever felt like it was enough.

Finally, Cecilia realized continuing this way was at the cost of her own health and happiness. She couldn’t afford to carry on this way anymore. She knew that she needed support and reached out to me to discuss potential solutions. 

I knew exactly how she felt, because I had been down this dark path myself. In fact, there were points in my life when I was so burned out, I couldn’t even see it. Feeling burned out multiple times wasn’t enough, I would keep sacrificing my health if I had to, because I thought I had something to prove. It wasn’t until I got a concussion that I realized things needed to change drastically. That was the Universe’s way of forcing me to stop and re-evaluate my life and choices. 

Now constantly pushing my body to its limits was no longer on the table. I didn’t have the ability to control how hard I worked physically. It was taken away from me. It dawned on me, the way I was approaching my work and life was ineffective.

So I know you’re worried. Honestly, you should be. Your body is giving you signs and signals that this is headed in the wrong direction. I’m urging you to pause and listen to it. I’ve seen where this road leads. Cecilia has seen where this road leads, along with many other women I’ve worked with.

I want to make sure you don’t get to the end of this road. I don’t want you to have a concussion to make you realize you’ve hit this wall.

You’re here reading this now, which means you’re ready to take action. You’re ready to choose an alternative path. Here’s what the alternative path looks like. 

In my own healing journey, I went from running on empty to feeling fully nourished by my life. I learned how to reevaluate how I was living my life and how to reconnect to my values. I implemented short, powerful spiritual practices that revitalize my energy daily. The way I move through my life has been completed transformed. I amplified my own potential.

I created a life that empowers me to show up as the leader of my own life. I’ve regained my sense of control over how my life unfolds. I have a renewed sense of energy. I’m able to prioritize my physical, mental, and emotional health. I’m able to set clear boundaries that honor me and voice my truth. Most importantly, I’ve found a career that I love, which allows me to live my potential and make the impact I desire. 

I now show other how to do the same. I show highly ambitious women how to rebalance their life, and avoid burnout, without compromising their professional success. I show women exactly how to be a leader and an agent of change in their life. They learn how to receive everything that is available to them and live as the most elevated versions of themselves. 

The question is how long are you willing to accept things staying the same?

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“A transformative experience: I feel like I rediscovered myself and reconnected to my soul, body and mind. Through this course I saw myself becoming the kind of person I aspire to be: I am kinder to myself and others, I am more compassionate, less irritable, more selfless, more patient, I take time to help others, and I enjoy life more. Thank you for giving me the foundations to start this incredible journey!”

How Natasha realized: “This is who I am. This is who I want to be. I really feel it in my heart. This course gave me more self esteem and showed me how to really love myself now. It now feels like a lot of weight is lifted off my shoulders. I feel more lightness. I feel more of a sense of freedom. I wish this for everyone. I would recommend anyone to do the course, you will see what comes for you is for the better.”

It all begins, with a big YES to the more vibrant you!

To your radiant life,


What kind of tools will I learn in this course?

You will learn how to:

Be the leader of your life: in your work, relationships, & more!

Operate from a place of trust instead of fear in your life
Connect to your creative flow & innovation in an open way, rather than pushing
Receive, rest, and set boundaries without guilt or shame
Maintain confidence & clarity for your vision
Build nourishing relationships in both your professional & personal life
Communicate your truth, worth, and value; negotiate with ease
Strong intuition to support your decision making
Radiate joy from the inside out
Welcome high vibration people, experiences, and opportunities into your life
Embody a deep, self love
Sustain your happiness in times of loss or chaos

So much more!!

Book a connection call now, so we can discuss if this course is the right fit for you!

About Your Guide 

Shannon Handa is a lifelong student and dedicated teacher of the intuitive and healing arts for almost 7 years. She serves as a Spiritual Life Coach, Shamanic Reiki Master & Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant.

Shannon aims to present people with the tools to feel empowered, vibrant, and compassionate towards themselves and others. She specializes in showing highly ambitious women how to rebalance their life, and avoid burnout, without compromising their professional success. She has worked with over 15,000 students & clients all over the world in her classes, workshops, coaching, and healing sessions.

Shannon’s unique skillset combination and her desire to help people expand into the most elevated versions of themselves make her a “go-to” coach in the spirituality and mind-body space.

Book a connection call now, so we can discuss if this course is the right fit for you!

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