Rebalance Your Life for Professional Success

Practical tools to help you:

Understand what work-life balance looks like for you

Make the impact you desire

Thrive physically, emotionally, and energetically

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Thursday, 1 April. 12:30-13:30 GMT/ 13:30-14:30 CET

It is highly recommended to attend live, but a replay will be offered for those who cannot attend at this time. So if you're interested to learn, still sign up to receive the replay!

What we'll discuss:

  • How to rebalance your life without compromising  professional success
  • How to live a life you truly value
  • How to release the control that productivity has on you
  • So much more!

About Your Facilitator

Shannon Handa has been helping motivated individuals amplify their potential, and live as the most elevated versions of themselves, through her toolbox of spiritual practices for over 7 years.

Shannon aims to present people with the tools to feel empowered, vibrant, and compassionate towards themselves and others. She has worked with over 15,000 students & clients all over the world in her classes, workshops, coaching, and healing sessions. Shannon’s unique skillset combination, and her desire to help people expand into the fullest versions of themselves, make her a "go-to" coach in the spirituality and mind-body space.